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The Princess of Wales’ life behind Palace walls was said to be incredibly difficult. Although she came from an aristocratic family and had relatives who worked closely with the Royal Family themselves, she was not accustomed to being in the limelight as a shy 19-year-old. However, she became an international icon almost overnight after her fairytale wedding won over legions of royal fans.

Many praised her for single-handedly modernising the monarchy shortly before she split from Prince Charles — but she was then blamed for jeopardising the institution’s survival after speaking out about her time on the royal frontline.

She went on to claim she had been treated very badly by her in-laws, especially when she had postnatal depression.

During her bombshell 1995 BBC Panorama interview, she said, “anything good I ever did, nobody ever said a thing” but noted that when she tripped up “a ton of bricks came down on me”.

The Princess of Wales did claim that she did not want to destroy the monarchy as that “is my children’s future”, but she claimed reform was needed to change the remote relationship between the Royal Family and the public.

According to Howard Hodgson’s book, ‘Charles — The Man Who Will Be King’, the Princess of Wales actually went one step further in her condemnation of the monarchy.

Mr Hodgson said Andrew Morton — author of ‘Diana: Her True Story’ — once claimed “the Princess continually phoned into a television poll on the monarchy, voting each time for its abolition”.

Mr Hodgson said: “William, then a boy and aware that both he and his father were supposed to be future kings, was apparently stretched out on a rug watching the programme with her.”

The biographer continued: “As the Princess’ resentment to her husband grew to become a complete obsession, she seemed determined that if she could not possess him then she would destroy him and didn’t appear to stop for a moment to consider the effect this might have on her children.”

He also recalled how journalist Bell Mooney was told “privately” by William that he was embarrassed of his mother at times.

Yet, it’s worth noting that William allegedly promised his mother he will reinstate her HRH title when he ascends the throne, after Diana lost out on the prefix during her divorce settlement.

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Emma Corrin, who plays Diana in season four of The Crown, defended Diana’s struggle behind Palace walls.

She told ELLE UK: “The thing that dawned on me was how young Diana was when it all happened.

“She got married at 19, not only getting married but getting married into the Royal Family, and then I think she had William a year later.”

The actress claimed it therefore “baffles” her that many were surprised how Diana “struggled” in her life of privilege, considering she was thrust onto the global stage as a teenager.

She also told Town & Country: “The coldness, the traditions and the expectations of behaviour… I don’t think [Diana] expected that. I think she expected to join a family.”

‘Charles — The Man Who Will Be King’ by Howard Hodgson was published by John Blake Publishing in 2007 and is available here.


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