Princess Diana would urge Harry and William to ‘do a television makeup’ amid royal ‘rift’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Diana would have “banged William and Harry’s heads together to fix their rift”, according to royal author Robert Jobson. The late Princess would have urged her sons to address their purported issues publicly on TV, the expert added.

Speaking to US Weekly, Mr Jobson, who claimed to know Diana “well”, said he believed the pair “ought to [fix things].”

He added: “And I think that, you know, their mother, if [she] was alive, I trust [she would] bang their heads together and say, ‘Do a television makeup. Do a television interview and just stop the stories.’

“Because we’re never going to stop talking about them unless they do something about it.”

According to the author, Prince Charles is unaware the purported rift has lasted so long.

He said: “We all fall out with our siblings [every now and] again, but to continue into a feud is a little, unlike Harry, actually.

“The character that I knew, he was quite relaxed, actually.

“And I think he wouldn’t have wanted to continue this. So, I don’t understand what the problem is.”

However, Mr Jobson pointed out there “must be something really deep down that’s offended him” to stay away from his brother.


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