Princess Eugenie and Beatrice ‘choked up’ in emotional lockdown video appearance | Royal | News (Reports)


The royal sisters did not hold back their emotions upon hearing the story of Teenage Cancer Trust Awards honourees. Enid Waterfall, a Welsh fundraiser, moved Beatrice and Eugenie to tears with her grandson’s story. Ms Waterfall carried on her grandson’s fundraising efforts when he died in 2018 after battling Ewing’s Sarcoma.

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In the clip from last summer, Eugenie praised the grandmother for contributing to the cause.

She said: “To hear about your grandson Richard, I mean, what a what a amazing thing to do in honour of his memory.

“And I think it kind of almost choked me up a bit because you must be it must be so difficult to go through that.”

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Ms Waterfall, who was also crying herself, explained that continuing her grandson’s legacy made her feel closer to him.

The honouree said: “Strangely enough you feel closer to Richard when you’re doing it.

“And the reaction from people… it’s not me it’s the people who give, it’s the people who work with me, it’s everyone who just approaches you and keeps giving money, time after time after time.”

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She added: “I’m delighted to have done it.

“It’s a fantastic organisation. You do so much good.


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