Queen labelled ‘useless’ as head of the Royal Family amid calls to topple monarchy – VIDEO | Royal | News (Reports)


Graham Smith told Express.co.uk that in the position of monarch the Queen cannot provide Britain with a head of state that can play a role in constitutional or political affairs. Republic is an organisation that campaigns for the monarchy to be abolished and Queen Elizabeth II to be replaced by an elected, democratic head of state.

Mr Smith said: “The big problem that the UK has is that we do not know what a head of state is for because we have a monarch who isn’t prepared to do anything at all of any importance because that would jeopardise her position.

“As far as a monarch is concerned, she has to stay out of it and have no role in it.

“The problem is, that is what she does so, we have a head of state who is no use to anybody.

“If we want a head of state who is going to play a constitutional role or a political role then it needs to be somebody who is accountable to the people.”

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However, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams hailed the impact Queen Elizabeth II has on the UK through her role as monarch.

Mr Fitzwilliams outlined that one of the biggest strengths of the monarchy is its ability to adapt which has been demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic.

He added that Queen Elizabeth II is “outstandingly popular” with the British public.

Mr Fitzwilliams told Express.co.uk: “The Queen is a truly unique example of remarkable dedication to duty, which has been outstandingly popular with her subjects.”

“How could you put a price on the boost to the nation’s morale of the three historic broadcasts, including her Christmas message, which the Queen has made during the pandemic?”

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952.

The monarch was just 25 when she assumed the role of the UK’s head of state.

The Queen will turn 95 this year and is one of the all-time longest-serving monarchs in history.


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