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Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan said if he was the monarch he would insist the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – who are living in a mansion in California after quitting royal duties – have to drop the titles. He made the comments ahead of the upcoming Megxit review.

Writing in the Daily Mail, the former newspaper editor blasted: “It’s outrageous that the pair of them swan around America selling themselves off their titles to the highest bidder – and makes an absolute mockery of their endless whining about how they had to flee the Royal Family and Britain to find ‘freedom’.

“If you want freedom, my little pony-tailed latte-slurping lentil-munchers, then call yourselves simple Henry and Meghan Windsor and see how many dollars fly into your booming bank accounts then.

“No, they wanted freedom from boring royal duty but the right to keep their royal titles without doing any of the work to merit them. And it stinks.”

Mr Morgan also accused Harry of wanting to “have his royal cake and eat it” following reports he is desperate to keep his honorary military titles.

The Duke’s forces appointments – including Captain-General of the Royal Marines – were put on hold for a year after he and Meghan stepped down as working royals and the issue is due to be dealt with in March.

The broadcaster praised Harry for his 10-year Army career and the Invictus Games he set up.

But he added: “None of this justifies him being allowed to retain honorary military titles he was given through his royal status when he still performed royal duties.”

Mr Morgan questioned whether Harry will be able to commit to the positions as he launches a new career in America – which has already seen him and former actress Meghan strike lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.

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“He knows that his earning power in America is built almost exclusively off the back of him being a Prince and he and Meghan being the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

Mr Morgan insisted the Queen is “absolutely right” after reports her view that he cannot be “half-in, half-out” has not changed.

And he added he would “go further” and strip the couple’s Sussex titles altogether.

The GMB presenter said: “The moment he and his wife quit Britain for a new celebrity life in America, they gave up their right to trade off their royal association. Or rather they should have done, yet it didn’t happen.

“Instead, they’ve been allowed to ruthlessly and greedily exploit their titled regal status for huge financial gain and haven’t had to perform any of the humdrum royal duties that justify it.”

Meghan and Harry revealed bombshell plans to step back as senior royals just over a year ago.

The Queen was forced to hold a summit at Sandringham in response to the shock announcement.

The Sussexes officially ended royal duties on March 31 and a 12-month review of the arrangements is due to take place next month. One unresolved issue is what will happen to Harry’s military titles.


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