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Princess Diana’s decision over whether to end her marriage to Prince Charles was “made for her” by the Queen, a royal commentator has claimed. The Queen finally ordered the estranged couple to divorce in 1995 following the broadcast of Diana’s tell-all interview with the BBC. Biographer Robert Jobson told Us Weekly’s Royally Us podcast that the Panorama episode was the catalyst.

He told listeners: “The truth is Diana was flip-flopping a lot around the marriage.

“Yes, they were separated and then we had the Panorama interview and other things like that.

“But obviously this marriage was a car crash.

“I still think she still loved the Prince of Wales.”

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Mr Jobson continued: “There wasn’t enough room in the marriage, there were three people at least, not counting Diana’s lovers.

“He was in love with Camilla, and clearly truly was as he married Camilla later.

“I know that she would have tried her hardest to stay married.

“But I think the decision was made for her after Panorama by the Queen.”

Channel 5 documentary, ”The Interview that Shocked the World’, gave more insight into the monarch’s reaction to the bombshell interview.

Sir Richard Eyre, the former Director of the National Theatre, spoke about a conversation he had with the Queen.

According to him, the royal called it “frightful”.

She told him: “It was a frightful thing to do.

“A frightful thing that my daughter-in-law did.”


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