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Prince William was responsible for making sure his in-laws were welcomed into Royal Family and advised the Queen to go to extra lengths to ensure that felt at home. According to royal experts, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge had insisted to her husband that the Middleton “connection” must not be “lost”. Channel 5 documentary, ‘When the Middletons Met the Monarchy’, discussed the ways in which Prince William lobbied her Majesty to fulfil his wife’s wish. 

Royal author Katie Nicholl told the programme how Prince William has raised the importance that Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, were made to feel welcome in Royal circles.

Ms Nicholls explained: “They have been guests of the Queen at Scotland,

“So I think William’s wish that the Middletons be included rather than excluded has very much been listened to by the Queen.

She added: “She has taken it in onboard.”

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The Vanity Fair Royal Editor also told viewers: “Historically, the in-laws have pretty much become outlaws.

“But I think Kate made it very clear to William that she wasn’t going to lose that close connection that she enjoyed with her own family.”

Royal author Tom Quinn added: “They’re so isolated from ordinary family life, so there’s an enormous gulf.

“We’ve seen in the past, with people joining the Royal Family, it can be devastating.”

She continued: “Kate is very similar to her father.

“She is more thoughtful, more discrete perhaps than Pippa, and quieter.

“Personally I think Pippa is more like her mother, she is very outgoing, very social, loves partying.”

When Kate and William’s secret relationship was exposed in the early 2000s, the Middleton family came under a lot of scrutiny.

However, Prince William made soon clear they were under his protection after the couple faced pressure following his temporary break up with Kate in 2007.


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