Queen ‘trusts’ Harry’s judgement on Oprah interview as Duke made pledge to grandmother | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been warned that their candid interview with Oprah Winfrey could be “at odds” with their pledge to “uphold the values of the Queen”. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed that they will be sitting down with the American talk show host. ITV Lorraine’s Royal Editor Russell Myers spoke about why the Queen reportedly “trusts” her grandson’s judgement.

He told viewers: “We know that Harry and Meghan have gone out alone, we know that they’ve set this path for themselves.

“The very fact is they are separate from the Royal Family now.

“The Palace aides were saying that they didn’t need to tell us if they didn’t want to.

“But one would think it would just be common courtesy.”

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Mr Myers continued: “If you’re going to set off a nuclear bomb like this, the decent thing to do would be to tell the Queen.

“There are reports saying that the Queen trusts Harry.

“When they left, they agreed to uphold the values of the Queen,

“But it does seem at odds with those values, that’s for sure.”

The couple is expected to sit down for a 90-minute special with Ms Winfrey this week and the recording is to be aired on March 7.

CBS released a statement about the interview: “Winfrey will speak with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, in a wide-ranging interview.

“Covering everything from stepping into life as a Royal, marriage, motherhood, philanthropic work to how she is handling life under intense public pressure.

“Later, the two are joined by Prince Harry as they speak about their move to the United States and their future hopes and dreams for their expanding family.”


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