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Readers voted in our poll on whether the Queen should scrap the 12-month Megxit review following reports Harry had “not yet attempted to contact” his grandmother after his plans to travel to the UK were thrown into disarray by the latest lockdown. Some 69 percent of readers said the monarch should call off the talks, while 30 percent disagreed and one percent did not know.

Commenting on this website, one reader said: “HM Queen should strip their titles – they are her family but the reputation of our nation and our Royal Family have to come first.”

Another wrote: “I think the Queen already knows exactly what he’ll be told. No need for him to come anywhere near the UK.”

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A third added: “No review needed. The Queen just needs to remove the titles of both of these spoiled brats, remove him from succession, remove any and all financial ties to the RF, and be done with it.

“No meeting necessary. These two have proven they will sell the RF to line their checkbook. Done.”

But another said: “No do not cancel the talks. Zoom instead. Remove their titles, all of them.

“They no longer uphold the values of the Queen or the royal family.

“If this goes on for another year who knows what else these two will use to tarnish the royal family.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit as senior working royals last March and are now living in America.

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The Sussexes agreed to a 12-month review of their Megxit arrangements after they quit as senior working royals on March 31.

The Queen’s grandson and the ex-Suits star are said to hoping for an extension to the period, with Harry thought to be keen to keep his military appointments.

As part of the Megxit deal, the couple said they would “continue to uphold the values of Her Majesty”.

However, questions have been raised after chat show host Oprah Winfrey took to Instagram to promote instant oat milk lattes Meghan has invested in.

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The Mirror cited sources as confirming courtiers are taking a “renewed in-depth look at the couple’s business deals”.

Meghan and Harry have also signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.

Royal author Penny Junor last month warned the pair are likely to face “bear traps everywhere” as they pursue their own commercial activity.

Meghan and Harry announced bombshell plans to step back as senior royals last January.

They have bought a mansion in California where they are living with their young son Archie.

Express.co.uk polled 2,969 people on January 6-7.


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