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The Queen’s granddaughter and her husband welcomed their first child into the world on February 9. Members of the family and their global fanbase have expressed great joy at the birth of baby August Philip Hawkes Brooksbank, the Queen’s ninth great-grandchild.

And relationship expert Tina Wilson has discussed some of the challenges new mum Eugenie, 30, faces in lockdown.

MS Wilson told The Daily Star how raising a child during the current unprecedented historic context can be “difficult”.

She said: “As thrilled as the couple will be with this bundle of joy, they will face the same issues as any new parents and so preparation and awareness are key.

“Princess Eugenie and Jack enter into the world of parenthood in a strong position.

“They dated for several years before marrying and as such, know each other extremely well and have a solid partnership.

“This is great news for them, as bringing home a newborn, can be one of the biggest challenges that a couple can ever face together, and that’s without a global pandemic and quarantine.”

Lockdown rules stipulate members from different households are not allowed to mix.

However, parents with newborn babies are entitled to receive help from one “bubble” during at least their first moments of parenthood.

Ms Wilson added: “Whilst Jack and Eugenie will be fortunate to have outside help and advice, it will be slightly more difficult with the quarantine rules, and lack of visitors that they will be allowed.

“It is a shame that family and friends won’t get to be able to visit freely to support and give encouragement to them both, but on the flip side, it will allow the couple to enjoy every moment without fear of visitors knocking on the door.

“Luckily they are allowed a ‘bubble’ outside of their household with a newborn, so Sarah, the Duchess of York, will be allowed to help out with childcare duties, assuming she is the chosen person.”

Eugenie and Jack, 35, announced the happy news on Instagram alongside a series of informal photos with baby August.

Royal fans were quick to congratulate in the comments section.


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