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Fans of the Duchess of Sussex claim senior members of the Firm, including the Queen, got “tired of everyone asking for Meghan”, which ultimately led to her sensational departure from the royal fold with her husband, Prince Harry. To prove their point they have shared a video online showing a fan giving a bouquet to the Queen, demanding she hand it over to Meghan.

He tells the Queen “that’s for Meghan” and another demands “give it to Meghan” to which the monarch dutifully hands the flowers over to Prince Charles and Camilla.

Sharing the video on Twitter, a fan writes: “Meghan went out one time with the Queen and she saw exactly how popular Meghan is…

“You can see why they didn’t defend her they got tired of everyone asking for Meghan…. and the Sussexes overshadowed everyone. #when you got it… You got it.”

Another said: “That man wanted no parts of the queen. Just Meghan.”

One added: “Hahaha he takes the p***.

“‘Give it to Meghan’ no your highness or your majesty, nothing #lovetoseeit”

A Twitter user added: “The Queen didn’t look thrilled about taking flowers for M.”

Another tweeted: “They can see the Meghan effect and it p* them off.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Megxit review with the Queen is due sometime in the new year, where the pair will discuss if they are likely to return to the royal fold following a year of living Stateside.


7.55am update: Queen banned eight ‘common’ words to keep Royal Family from sounding ‘banal’

The Queen has reportedly banned Royal Family members from using a set of eight very common words to keep her relatives from sounding “banal.”

Her Majesty is also rumoured to have banned at least eight words from the vocabulary of the Royal Family. Italian commentator Marina Viro told La Vita in Diretta: “At the royal court, you don’t mess around with words and if you do use the wrong one, it’s a big risk.

“For example, one could be marked as not up to the role, even if your name is Kate Middleton and to everyone you are already a queen.

“The spotlight of public opinion usually planted like radar on the most famous royal house in the world this time focuses on the eight words never to be pronounced at court.

“Woe to talk about couch – the royal settee is called a sofa – and living room. The royal room is called the sitting room, and the courtyard is simply called the terrace.”

7.43am update: Kate set on massive overhaul of ‘outdated rules’ before William’s coronation

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge could launch a reform campaign within the Royal Family to overhaul as series of “outdated” rules preventing her from spending time with her children, a royal insider has claimed.

Her faith in her abilities could leave the royal in a spot where she can push for significant changes to the royal system, according to a royal insider.

Clevver News’ Emile Ennis Jr said: “Kate Middleton has been Queen Consort-in-training for quite some time now.

“But before she officially takes the crown, she’s got a few outdated ground rules that she is determined to reform. Kate Middleton and royals go together like tea and crumpets.”


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