Royal Family news: Meghan told to ‘brace for worst’ as Duchess tipped for presidential run | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan Markle has started to become more political since she stepped down as a senior member of the Royal Family last year. Last September the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sparked an outcry for urging people to vote in the upcoming US Presidential election and now it has emerged the couple chatted to California’s Governor Gavin Newsom on a one-hour video call. Commenting on these events, author Steven Heritage says it is obvious Meghan is weighing up entering the political stage – but he has cautioned against such a move.

Writing in the Times, Mr Heritage warned the Duchess few celebrities are successful in their attempts to turn to politics.

He said: “The idea that Meghan Markle might be entertaining the thought of running for president is starting to feel a little less ridiculous.

“Five weeks before Megxit, she invited Hillary Clinton to Windsor for a chat.

“And now it has been revealed that Harry and Meghan recently had a one-hour Zoom meeting with Gavin Newsom, the governor of California.

“This might all be by the by, but at the same time it might also be all the proof we need that a presidential run is being prepared.

“If that’s the case, Meghan should probably brace herself for the worst.

“Many, many celebrities before her have attempted to throw their hat into the political ring, but successes have been few and far between.”

Members of the Royal Family are expected to remain politically neutral so as not to sway the electorate.

Meghan and Harry were accused of interfering in US politics last September, when the Duchess called the Presidential election “the most important election of our time”.

Meghan and Harry did not openly back Joe Biden or Donald Trump in their message, but some royal watchers branded the video a political interference by the hand of two members of the Royal Family.



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