Royal Family news: Palace ‘was out to DESTROY Sophie Wessex’ – warning in insider diary | Royal | News (Reports)


Sasha Swire, writing in ‘Diary of an MP’s Wife’, compared the Countess of Wessex’s treatment by the royals to Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana. She opened up about her concerns after meeting Sophie in 2010 at a garden party at Belfast’s Hillsborough Castle hosted by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland at the time Owen Paterson.

She claimed Prince Edward’s wife appeared to “regret” being “forced to give up” her PR career.

The wife of former MP Hugo Swire said said: “She talks about how she still worked at her PR company after her wedding, under the name Sophie Wessex, but was quickly forced to give it up because she came in for criticism for appearing in public with clients and was accused of using her royal status to promote her business.

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“As she tells me this, there is real regret in her eyes, and sadness that this part of her life is gone and not allowed to return.

“When I think of all these royal women – Fergie, Diana and now Sophie – how the monarchy swallows them up whole and probably retains its strength by doing so.

“As an institution it seems to have an uncanny ability to destroy or weaken everything near it; its weapons of choice a whispered aside, a cold shoulder, a dropped title, a small divorce settlement, a reduction of identity.”

Sophie married Edward in 1999 and the couple now have two children – Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

The Countess became a full-time working royal in 2002.

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Royal author Angela Levin recently told that the Queen “adores” Sophie.

Discussing whether the Wessexes will step up in the wake of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s departure, Ms Levin said: “They are very keen to do things, I think they feel they have been left out a bit and now is a chance.

“The Countess of course is an incredibly hard worker, very good with people and the Queen adores her.

“They live very near the Queen in Windsor and they often went to church on Sunday before the lockdown. And she learnt to ride so she could ride with Her Majesty.”


7.30am update: Queen may have been enjoying isolation for one reason

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An insider told People magazine: “In her twilight years, I’m sure it is quite lovely not to have the pressure.”

They added: “It is possible this is the only slight rest she’s ever had in her whole life.

“She is well. She’s in good fettle.”

7.25am update: Diana’s special food request for young William and Harry

Princess Diana had a special dessert request for her two young sons Prince Harry and Prince William, according to her former chef.

In a new video posted on his YouTube account, Darren McGrady – who worked for the royals for 15 years – told viewers about the Princess of Wales’ special request.

He showed royal fans how to make a banana flan – a dessert Diana would often request for her young sons.


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