Royal Family news: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make huge Megxit error – ‘Death trap’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not returned to social media since they were forced to drop their Sussex Royal Instagram account when they ended royal duties and moved to America. Brand expert Eric Schiffer warned it would be a mistake for Meghan and Harry to shun social media.

He told Insider: “If they believe in their choices, why aren’t they comfortable putting themselves out there?

“Are they sending a message that they can’t bear to hear what we have to say?

“Both of which is a death trap for a brand that is trying to be an entertainment brand, because entertainment at its core today requires interactivity.

“If you’re trying to stay alive with the 11-40-year-olds, you’ve got to be front and center on social.”

Mr Schiffer suggested they could be avoiding social media due to the “significant mixed reaction” from royal fans amid their decision to step back from the monarchy.

He said: “Many people look at them as having disrespected the monarchy by cashing out on the halo of their forebearers, and that’s not acceptable to millions of people around the world.”

day Times reported earlier this month that former actress Meghan and Harry, who have recently been critical of social media, would no longer use platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

But Harry hinted they may one day return to social media “when we see more meaningful commitments to change or reform” in a recent interview with US publication Fast Company.


7.35am update: Buckingham Palace shares historic photo of Queen visiting Australia

The Royal Family shared a photo of the Queen’s visit to Australia in February 1954 to mark Australia Day on Tuesday.

The image was posted on the official Royal Family Twitter account and received more than 4,500 likes.

It shows the young monarch in Hobart, Tasmania, inspecting a guard of honour at Prince’s Wharf.


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