Royal Family news: Queen and Philip shared they had vaccine to ‘set example’ to Britain | Royal | News (Reports)


A Palace source confirmed the Queen made the news public in order to put an end to speculation but in doing so she has also set an example to Britain, a royal expert has claimed.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, the Queen has been a symbol of stability and hope for many Britons.

The elderly royal has spent much of the pandemic in isolation at Windsor Castle but has continued to uphold royal duties nonetheless.

Since the pandemic began the Queen has addressed the nation on several occasions in order to help boost morale and commemorate important milestones.

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Mr Fitzwilliams added: “Prince Charles has indicated that he will also be vaccinated, though he is awaiting his turn.”

According to Mr Fitzwilliams, the Queen’s decision to share her vaccine news follows a historic royal tradition for promoting public health initiatives.

The expert said: “There are important precedents for this.

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“Queen Caroline, the wife of George II, not only had her children inoculated against smallpox but spearheaded a campaign to support it at a time when medicine operated on an unreliable basis.”

He added: “The devout Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III, did likewise, though she lost two of her children to the disease.

“The importance of the monarch setting a trend was also illustrated by Queen Victoria, who was given chloroform for the birth of her last two children, a practice which was subsequently widely followed.

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“In 1957 it was announced that the Queen had had Charles and Anne vaccinated with the new anti-polio vaccine, which helped to allay the fears of many parents about its efficacy and eventually it led to the eradication of polio in Britain.

“The role of the royals in setting an example has been seen to be pivotal in such matters.”


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