Royal news: Love-child MEETS father – ‘After the wounds comes forgiveness’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg, the love-child of King Albert II of Belgium, finally met her father during a meeting held at Belvédère Castle. The former monarch’s wife, Queen Paola, also attended the reunion and was formally introduced to the fourth child of her husband of 61 years. 

The Belgian Royal Palace issued a statement following the meeting, which took place on Sunday. 

Signed by the three royals, the brief statement read: “On Sunday, October 25, a new chapter, rich in emotions, peace of mind, understanding and hope, began.

“During our meeting at Belvédère Castle, each of us was able to express, calmly and with empathy, our feelings and our experiences.

“After the turmoil, the wounds and the suffering, comes the time for forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. 

“This is the path, patient and at times difficult, that we have decided to take resolutely together.

“These first steps open the way and it is now up to us to pursue peacefully.” 



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