Royal news: Prince Charles desperate to outdo Princess Anne to cement authority as King | Royal | News (Reports)


Princess Anne’s upcoming 70th birthday has prompted an outpouring of praise from royal fans and commentators alike. Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed the Princess Royal’s “insane” work ethic, comparing it to other members of the Royal Family. However the pair noted that the only rival to the Queen’s only daughter was her brother and future King, Prince Charles.

Ms Fiorito offered insight on Anne: “She’s often considered one of the hardest working members of the Royal Family.

“She’s involved in 300 charities and attends hundreds of engagements each year.

“The number is something like over 500. Isn’t that insane?”

The hosts then compared the royal’s record to her own brother.

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Ms Bowie told listeners: “The only person that has eclipsed her in past years is Prince Charles.

“But I’m wondering if that’s on purpose because of the hierarchy and the line of succession.

“He just does more events to make sure he is known as the hardest-working royal.

“Because he’s going to be King, he needs a little nudge above his royal sister.”

To mark her 70th birthday next month, Princess Anne allowed cameras to follow her for a special ITV documentary.

The rare behind-the-scenes look into the Princess’s life also included an insight into her lockdown activities.

During it, she speaks about the “challenges” of home-schooling for her grandchildren.

The royal says: “They face the same challenges as everybody else in terms of home schooling.

“Actually that is a challenge wherever you are. I’ve offered to try and do some outdoor learning but so far it hasn’t been taken up on.”


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