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Season four of the Netflix hit, released this month, covers the period from 1979 to 1990. It deals heavily with the relationship between Lady Diana Spencer, later Princess Diana, and Prince Charles.

However a number of royal insiders have condemned the show for reported historical inaccuracies.

Writing in the Daily Mail Ms Street-Porter argued: “Instead of nit-picking, historians and royal commentators should be rejoicing that The Crown is re-acquainting young people with our recent past.”

Criticisms of the series have included that it suggests Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles rekindled their relationship earlier than it really took place, and that Lord Mountbatten never wrote a stern letter to the Prince immediately before his assassination by the IRA.

Hugo Vickers, a royal historian who wrote The Crown Dissected, claimed it is “absolutely vital” that disclaimers are added to the beginning of each episode saying events are fictionalised.


“If I was one of the Royal Family, I would be utterly, utterly horrified” (Image: The Crown )


Emma Corrin plays Princess Diana in The Crown (Image: Netflix – The Crown)

Speaking to BBC journalist Andrew Marr added: “If they announced, ‘This is drama, it’s fiction, it’s entertainment’, you would say it’s brilliant.

“But when you start to say, ‘This is the truth about these people’s lives’, it’s grossly unfair and really quite sadistic.

“If I was one of the Royal Family, I would be utterly, utterly horrified.”

However Ms Street-Porter claimed these criticisms are unwarranted.

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Season four of The Crown focuses on the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana (Image: GETTY)

She wrote: “Because it deals with recent history this series has enraged the army of self-appointed royal ‘experts’ – the people who once poured tea for the Royals, who were paid to wipe up Corgi poo and open carriage doors – more than any of the previous three.

“The second division ‘royal authors’ aren’t happy either.

“They claim to have a special skill, the ability to interpret exactly what Charles, his sons and their wives are thinking at any one time and then turn these suppositions into a best selling unauthorised book.

“For years all these people have claimed to know what’s really going on in the Royal Household.


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Royal author Hugo Vickers called for disclaimers to be added to each episode of The Crown (Image: GETTY)


Diana and Charles were married in 1981 (Image: GETTY)

“Exploiting the royal family was their nice little earner, not Netflix’s and now The Crown has kicked them all into touch.

“It’s bigger, better, glossier and represents a totally new kind of entertainment – reality fiction.”

All eight episodes of the new season of The Crown were released on November 15.

The show stars Olivia Colman as the Queen and Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip.

Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin, who play the Prince and Princess of Wales respectively, have key roles.

There are also political machinations with Gillian Anderson playing three time general election winning Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Every two seasons The Crown, which began broadcasting in November 2016, changes its main cast to reflect the Royal Family ageing.

In the first two series the Queen and Prince Philip were played by Claire Foy and Matt Smith.


Harry and Meghan signed a major deal with Netflix earlier this year (Image: GETTY)

The actors will be changed again as the show heads into its final two seasons.

The screenplay was written by Peter Morgan, who also wrote the hit 2006 movie The Queen.

Earlier this year it was announced the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had signed a major new deal with Netflix.

The royal couple will produce films, documentaries and children’s shows for the streaming giant.


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