Sadiq Khan news: London Mayor’s bike lane plan picked apart – ‘Resulting in misery!’ | UK | News (Reports)


In order to reduce London’s carbon footprint, Mr Khan has created cycle lanes across the city to reduce the number of vehicles in the capital. Although the lanes have been in place to reduce the carbon footprint, many have stated they reduce the flow of traffic and therefore, have caused huge delays across the capital. Experiencing the huge delays caused by an unused cycle lane in south-east London today, talkRADIO presenter, Mike Graham savaged the Mayor.

He said: “Great work from Sadiq Khan in Greenwich. Bus lane eradicated for empty cycling lane.

“Result – misery, traffic, pollution, delay.

“Oh and I haven’t seen one bike in half an hour.”

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In agreement, others expressed their anger over the cycle lane plans in the capital.

One person said: “Complete & utter mess made by Khan & TFL. I live in Greenwich and witness the delays by the stupidity.”

A second said: “Why on earth does he want to increase congestion and pollution like this. It’s just crazy.

“The better the flow of traffic, the better for the environment – so simple to work out, but it seems any increase in misery for the motorist is worth it – upside-down thinking.”

A third said: “Tip of the iceberg, literally has been causing misery for weeks.

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In the report released last month, two million were living with polluted air in 2016 but to measures put in place, that has now fallen to 119,000 in 2019.

Due to the success of certain measures such as the expansion of London’s Low Emission Zone Mr Khan has demanded an extra £29billion in funding in order to soften the blow of the coronavirus pandemic.

Within that fund, Mr Khan wants £20.5billion devoted to building affordable housing and £5.65billion for Transport for London (TfL).

The additional funding for TfL comes as the Mayor had already received a £1.6billion bailout package from the Government in May.

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Due to the economic crisis hitting the country and the disparity between the North and South in funding, Mayor for Middlesbrough, Andy Peston lashed out at Mr Khan’s lavish demands.

He told “I think Sadiq Khan’s huge number will definitely baffle people.

“But the fact that it is London asking for such a huge number, it could alienate people too.

“Because while London does deserve help, anybody with ten percent of the average brain knows that London has been a disproportionate beneficiary forever. “


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