Sadiq Khan’s London record brutally ripped apart by Tory rival ‘No more excuses!’ | UK | News (Reports)


Shaun Bailey took aim at Sadiq Khan over his inability to deal with pressing issues in London. In a video posted to his Twitter page, the Conservative politician, running for Mr Khan’s job, argued the people of London needed fewer politicians making excuses and deserved those that get results. He also noted statistics showing a concerning trend in London regarding knife crime, burglary and homicides.

Mr Bailey said: “London’s problems run even deeper than the coronavirus.

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“Crime is out of control, since 2016 knife crime is up 60 percent.

“Burglary is up 31 percent and we’ve had an eleven-year high in homicides.

“Transport is worse and somehow more expensive and Londoners are being forced out of London because they cannot afford a home.”

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Mr Bailey then directly addressed Mr Khan and how he has responded to these complaints.

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The Tory politician said: “We don’t need more politics, more blame, more excuses.

“We need our leaders to take responsibility and act, now.

“We need them to make London safe, to make London move, to make London affordable.”

Mr Bailey has repeatedly made digs at Mr Khan for his record as mayor, most recently in an article in the Daily Telegraph.

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Mr Bailey said: “Londoners are starting to wonder whether he is the person they thought he was.

“Because after four years of his leadership, they struggle to name even one of his achievements.

“Yes, the last few months were difficult, but Sadiq Khan has been Mayor for 48 months.

“And even with an increased PR budget, he can’t seem to communicate his successes.”


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