Schools wanting to close early before Christmas to curb Covid could face legal action | UK | News (Reports)


At least one council has stated it will support the schools that choose to close before the Government sanctioned five-day relaxation of coronavirus regulations. On Friday night Government ministers said they would take legal action against schools that choose to close early. The rationale in closing early is to try and decrease the spread of coronavirus among teenagers before Christmas.

The schools that plan to close will hold lessons online for the last week.

Many secondary schools in London and the South East have said they will be closing early before the Christmas holidays.

One headmaster told the Daily Telegraph that even schools that do stay open will “turn a blind eye” if parents keep their children at home.

Sources at the Department for Education (DfE) warned that it would apply for High Court injunctions to force Schools to stay open.

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This is one of the reasons why schools are bringing in the early closing measures.

Now mass testing is being rolled out at secondary schools in parts the South East.

This is part of an effort to encourage schools to stay open.

The announcement of mobile testing units going into schools has also been said to have “spooked” parents.


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