‘Scotland becoming one-party state!’ Lord Digby Jones savages Sturgeon over Cherry sacking | UK | News (Reports)


Today Lord Digby Jones tweeted: “What do The All-Powerful do when someone in ‘The Party’ starts offering an alternative to their leadership? Get rid. This morning’s cautionary example is the SNP and Joanna Cherry.

“Scotland becomes more like a one-party state every day.”

The presenter and businessman was referring to the sacking of SNP MP Joanna Cherry from her frontbench role in Westminster.

Ms Cherry, an Edinburgh MP, who was the SNP spokeswoman on home affairs and justice, was removed in a reshuffle by the leader of the SNP in Westminster, Ian Blackford.

In a statement given yesterday, Ms Cherry said: “Despite hard work, results and a strong reputation I’ve been sacked today from the SNP frontbench.

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Ms Cherry argued that the Scottish government’s measures to protect the rights of trans people were eroding the rights for women.

Controversy also followed after Ms Cherry told The Times in November 2020 that in the SNP there is a “no debate mentality that is really unhealthy.

“It’s an unfortunate tendency in modern political discourse.”

She added: “It typifies a small minority in my party.

“It has bled through from the debate about reform of the gender recognition act, to include alternative plans for an independence referendum.

“I think it’s very unhealthy and I don’t think it represents the majority view in the party.”

Ms Cherry was sacked from her shadow justice brief and is to be replaced by Anne McLaughlin.

Ms McLaughlin will become the SNP’s new spokeswoman on justice and immigration.


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