Sky News host in stitches as MP’s kids crash live interview- ‘They’re jumping on the bed!’ | UK | News (Reports)


Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat fell victim to the perils of home-working that many parents have suffered during lockdown. The politician had joined Sky News to speak about the new COVID-19 restrictions that will limit the number of people able to meet in a group. However, Mr Tugendhat found himself quickly interrupted by his own family.

As the MP was warning against creating a new ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ with the latest rules, his young son, Adam, opened the door behind him and walked in.

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Sky host Kimberley Leonard said: “Your son is behind you. Good morning.”

Mr Tugendhat encouraged his child to leave, promising to do face-painting with him later.

Ms Leonard jokingly asked if he would be doing the face-painting, but the politician said that it was “beyond his skill set”.

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He said: “We all live in difficult circumstances at the moment.

“As you can see, I’m trying to give an interview to you and my kids walk in.”

As the MP tried to continue with the interview, he was interrupted yet again, this time by his daughter, Beatrice.

Ms Leonard laughed: “Oh there’s another one!’

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The Tory MP turned around to stop them: “No, please, children, don’t do that.

“I’m terribly sorry, we’ve now got jumping on the bed.”

At this point, Ms Leonard said they would just have to leave the interview there.

She wishes the Mr Tugendhat and his children well with their face painting.

Mr Tugendhat apologised again for the chaos.


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