Sophie Wessex and Edward following in Princess Anne’s steps with ‘permanent’ relocation | Royal | News (Reports)


Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward may have to move to Scotland as part of a Government plan to stamp out support for independence. The Daily Mail reported that Downing Street has been considering using the couple to deepen the “emotional bond” between Scotland and the Royal Family. Royal Central’s Lydia Starbuck detailed how this actually mirrored an abandoned strategy for Princess Anne.

She said: “Back in 1999, the year that Edward and Sophie married, it was reported that the Queen was considering an idea for Anne to live permanently in Edinburgh.

“A role, described by some as ‘quasi-regent’ was being weighed up.

“While a job for her husband, Sir Tim Laurence, at the naval base at Faslane was also mooted.

“The reasons given for a move north for the princess are along much the same lines as those mooted for Edward and Sophie now.”

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The Government reportedly has suggested that the couple could set up shop north of the border and taken on more engagements.

Although they are known as the Wessexes, their titles are the Earl and Countess of Forfar in Scotland.

In response to the story, Buckingham Palace have said that they are “unaware of the proposal”.

Downing Street added that “no formal request” has actually been made to the monarchy.

He told the Daily Express: “I think over the decades there’s been enormous public respect for [Anne’s] work ethic.

“That’s basically what people expect from her, and that’s what she does.

“The Wessexes are very much following in the same footsteps.

“The Wessexes and Princess Anne are examples of the monarchy at its best.

“But also they’re allowed because of their place in the pecking order to be less high profile, and that’s the way they like it.”


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