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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, is Prince Edward’s wife and is often described as the Royal Family’s “secret weapon” for her low-key but impactful approach to royal duty. In recent years the Countess has travelled to war-torn countries on behalf of the Queen in order to see the work being done to support women and girls affected by conflict-related sexual violence.

The Countess send a heartfelt message to women across the world to mark International Day to End Violence against Women.

While Sophie and Edward do not have their own official social media account, Sophie’s tribute was shared on the Royal Family’s Twitter.

The tweet read: “Today I stand with survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, as we mark the International Day to End Violence against Women.

“To the inspirational survivors I have met through my support of @end_svc – we will continue to fight against the stigma and silence. – Sophie.”

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Earlier this year Sophie became the first-ever Royal Family member to visit South Sudan.

During the tour, she visited projects and met community leaders working to tackle conflict-related sexual violence.

Speaking about the experience, Sophie told the Sunday Times Magazine: “I heard stories where you feel I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

“If I can prod the consciences of those who may be able to do more to try and prevent it, and can help get justice for survivors, I will do everything I can.”

The Countess added: “You read your brief, but don’t really know what to expect, then get there and, oh my God, this is just a drop in the ocean, what can I do?

“At my most depressed times I think what’s the point, but then, like today, they ask, ‘Please can we have more torches.’

“Even if I made the tiniest difference … if we can get them torches, encourage the men, then it was worth going.”

Sophie was not the only royal to mark the International Day to End Violence against Women.


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According to a body language expert, Camilla seemed “tired” in the new clip.

Judi James told “This very important message about the crucial issue of violence against women must deserve a more spirited and inspirational delivery than the monotone, tired and sadly rather bored-looking tone that Camilla takes here.

“Camilla is not a confident performer, which can often show in her anxious hand gestures or her rather nervous smiles.

“But by sitting still with her eyes scanning the script that is clearly running at the top of her screen, meaning she never connects with her audience with any eye-contact here, she depersonalizes her message and applies no congruent emotional emphasis.


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