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Dating back to 3000BC, the ancient monument that still stands in the fields of Wiltshire has baffled and thrilled researchers for centuries as they try to unravel its mystery. A recent study suggested the ancestors of the Stonehenge builders settled in Britain around 4000BC after researchers compared DNA extracted from Neolithic human remains with that of people alive at the same time in Europe. But Mr Snow revealed during History Hit’s ‘Stonehenge’ documentary how another incredible secret was uncovered about the builders of the monument.

He said: “A remarkable recent discovery is that they worked out Stonehenge is on a very slight slope.

“The east side is lower than up here on the west.

“Extraordinarily, the builders have accounted for that and levelled it by using slightly shorter stones here and taller down there.

“The ring of lintels remains dead flat. How they did that without a spirit level? I have no idea.

“We know frustratingly little about the people who built Stonehenge, we don’t know how they were organised.” 

But Mr Snow explained how another spectacular discovery could help answer the question.

He added: “There are some clues, the bluestones came from South Wales, implying there was a mode of exchange between the people who lived here and there.

“We also know that in a nearby camp that seems to have been built for the people who constructed this site, there were animal remains.

“Those animals were brought from as far away as the north of Scotland, so it’s been suggested that Stonehenge was not just the product of the people who lived around here.

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“There are angles everywhere and we know that it is aligned to the solar calendar.

“At the longest day of the year, the Sun will rise over the hill over there, and on the shortest day of the year, it will set between the uprights of the tallest stones on this site.

“The fact that it is off-centre could possibly mean that the winter solstice was more important than the summer.

“ flashing off the altar stone would tell you that the days were only getting longer and the Sun would regain power.”


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