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The iconic ancient structure found in the fields of Wiltshire has puzzled researchers for centuries, who have attempted to explain its purpose and who built it. A recent study suggested that the ancestors of the builders of the ancient monument travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain around 4,000BC. Researchers compared DNA extracted from Neolithic human remains found across Britain with that of people alive at the same time in Europe.

The Neolithic inhabitants were said to be descended from populations originating in Anatolia (modern Turkey) that moved to Iberia before heading north.

But Mr Snow revealed during History Hit’s ‘Stonehenge’ documentary how scientists have also long investigated the origin of the huge stones.

He said: “The stones themselves have remained upright since they were erected by our Stone Age ancestors, over 4,000 years ago.

“It all began in about 3,000BC with the ditch and mound, then about 2,500BC they added the blue stones – what’s amazing about these is the heavy stones were brought from South Wales.

“That was done in the Stone Age, with no wheels, no metal tools, the countryside would have been wooded – they still don’t know how they really achieved that.

“From 2,500BC onwards you get the development of this site for about 500 years – they rearrange the blue stones and add the giant sarsens.”

Mr Snow, who is a popular television presenter, explained how researchers made a breakthrough in identifying the stones used, but still remain baffled as to how the ancient community transported them.

He added: “Where the huge stones came from has long been a mystery, but now we know thanks to some new research. 

“In the Fifties, rock samples were taken from deep inside one of the sarsen stones, the samples then disappeared.

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He continued in August: “What’s fascinating is the more research they do, the more they discover – recent laser technology has revealed something they never thought was possible. 

“Each lintel on the top is not just a rectangular brick moved to create a circle – they have actually been rounded off so they are a circle.

“That is an extraordinary knowledge of geometry, let-alone stonemasonry for 4,500 years ago.

“There is a very slight curve on all of these lintels.”


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