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The video of Charlene Leslie, 33, heaving a Graham’s Family Dairy lorry up a hill during a snowstorm was shared on the Fife Jammer Locations Facebook page. The post was captioned “Just your average Cowdenbeath woman pushing a lorry up a hill” accompanied by three strong arm emojis.

Charlene works in Asda and has three children. She told the Daily Record she was “just popping to the shop for some Irn-Bru and snacks” when she spotted the lorry struggling to get up a hill in the town centre.

She said: “I would never see anyone go without help. I suppose it could have ended up really dangerous but thankfully the truck got up the hill. In the moment I wasn’t really thinking about me, I just wanted to help.”

The video of her pushing the back of the lorry to safety has gained over 200,000 views and more than 3,000 likes.

One person commented: “I saw this with my own eyes, that truck’s engine wasn’t even running!”

Many others were expressing their admiration at the woman’s strength. One said: “That’s dedication! I gave up trying to push the wheelie bin to the end of the drive this morning.” Another said: “Somebody’s had their Weetabix this morning.”

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As a reward, Charlene has been given a year’s supply of free milk as a thank you from the dairy company. Chairman, Dr Robert Graham Snr said: “When I saw the video of Charlene pushing one of our lorries up a hill singlehandedly, I couldn’t believe it.

“As a family we are passionate about our fresh dairy products and like us, she will clearly stop at nothing to ensure they get delivered to our customers.

“As a heartfelt thank you, Charlene and her family will receive our milk and high protein dairy products free for the rest of the year.”

The company also advised others not to follow her actions for health and safety reasons.

Additional reporting by Kathleen Speirs


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