‘Talent-free’ Labour ‘haven’t got a clue’ – Brexiteer launches scathing attack on Starmer | UK | News (Reports)

Starmer's ratings plunge to same level as Corbyn: poll reveals
Starmer's ratings plunge to same level as Corbyn: poll reveals

British conservative political commentator and activist Darren Grimes has savaged Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party. The Labour leader is currently coming under pressure from party activists to take a stronger stance against Boris Johnson over the Prime Minister’s policies for UK businesses post-Brexit. Labour party members are frustrated that Mr Starmer has been silent on the issue of how UK businesses have struggled since the UK left the European Union.

Suggesting the Labour leader has run out of ideas, Brexiteer Mr Grimes today tweeted: “A talent-free Labour party that has placed identity politics ahead of ability and hard graft has reportedly had to look to the fossils of its past, Mandelson, and Blair, in an attempt to learn how to revive it.

“The party of Hard-Left metropolitan graduates hasn’t a clue, has it?”

One follower of Mr Grimes agreed, but compared the state of Labour with the current Conservative Party, saying: “This is perhaps the worst Tory government in history and the fact of the matter is they are still doing better, ahead in polls etc, than Labour!”

Another Twitter follower agreed with this poster by tweeting: “The Cabinet, maybe apart from Rishi Sunak, is without a doubt totally talentless at the jobs they have been given.

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Speaking to The Observer he said: “The idea that the Brexit issue is done and dusted is for the birds.

“First, because Johnson’s deal is full of gaps that still need to be negotiated including on services and on fisheries.

“Second, because where it has settled issues, it has done so badly.

“Thi has been shown by the crescendo of complaints from companies and others including musicians and students.

“And third because the government seems intent on seeking conflict with the EU.

“Such as threatening to tear up the agreement on Northern Ireland to departing from the level playing field commitments.

“Just as with Covid, Labour must highlight Johnson’s incompetence and malevolence.

“Labour must point to how the damage can be rectified.”


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