The Queen never goes without honey thanks to a special feature of her Palace gardens | Royal | News (Reports)


One such hidden treasure is an island in the lake, which is home to five beehives. The hives are home to Italian honey bees that feast on nectar plants nearby. Of course, bees are known for their industry and hard work, and the Queen’s bees are no exception to the rule.

They produce over 200 jars of sweet tasting honey that the Palace chefs then put to good use.

The honey is used to make delicious deserts such as honey madeleines, chocolate truffle filling and honey and cream sponges.

These are served up to guests at special events held at the Palace, including the monarch’s famous summer garden parties.

The garden parties are normally held three times over the summer at Buckingham Palace, with each event attracting around 8,000 guests.

The attendees end up drinking an average 27,000 cups of tea, as well as eating around 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake.

The Palace gardens are the subject of a new book, written by Claire Masset.

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The bright and colourful effect of the Rose Garden is cleverly engineered by ensuring that no two adjacent beds are of a similar colour.

The Palace gardens also boast a waterfall, which is not simply there for decorative purposes.

The waterfall was installed to help circulate water in the lake and thereby ensure that the plants that live there are sufficiently oxygenated.


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