Turkmen University students enjoy online lecture with the British Ambassador


Just as is the case in universities worldwide universities in Turkmenistan are adapting to the challenges of delivering high quality teaching despite the current challenges of the pandemic. On 12 November, Her Majesty’s Ambassador Mr Hugh Philpott joined a group of over 80 young and enthusiastic Turkmen students from the International University for Humanities and Development, Turkmen State University and Turkmen National Institute of World Languages on a lecture dedicated to the 25th Neutrality of Turkmenistan.

Congratulating the future leaders of Turkmenistan on this special occasion, the British Ambassador highlighted the importance of Turkmen foreign policy and its efforts on providing political space for the discussion and resolution of conflicts in the region. A diplomatic approach is the main tool to promote security and stability in the region.

The Ambassador gave an overview of the wide-ranging Turkmen/British diplomatic relationship highlighting the key areas such as energy, education, science, technology and climate change.

During the online lecture, the students engaged in varied interesting discussions, ranging from the career and unique life experiences of Ambassador and diplomats all the way to the local traditions and cultures.

The British Ambassador was impressed with the enthusiasm of the students, their interest in the current world affairs and was reassured that the upcoming crop of Turkmenistan’s international representatives was so strong.


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