UK coronavirus cases figure lowest in almost eight weeks – but deaths 608 | UK | News (Reports)


However, deaths from the pathogen are still at a six month high. The number of infections recorded throughout the whole of Britain today was  40 percent fewer than one week ago. The number of infections today showed a drop of 43.6 percent on the 20,051 recorded this time last week.

The daily infections from the disease are now at their lowest since September.

However, the number of deaths registered in the UK has risen.

Authorities have announced 608 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours.

This is the highest since May 12.

On May 12 the number of fatalities from the disease were 614 victims.

There are some positive signs that the death rate from the disease have begun to slow today.

Today’s rise in deaths was only 1.7 percent higher than this time last week.

Last Tuesday the death toll was 598 people.

The death rate from coronavirus usually lags behind the infection rate for the disease.

So, we could see a drop of in deaths over the next few weeks as the fatality rate follows the infection rates downward trend.

The lag is usually two to three weeks behind.

This is the time it takes for people who have been infected wit the disease to start succumbing to serious complications from it.

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