UK virtual events to boost economic ties with Guatemala


The event’s message and theme -British Business Season- was created as businesses reel from the effects of the COVID-19. It aims to strengthen the commercial and investment ties between the UK and Guatemala.

Attendees are going to be inspired and engaged by a notable roster of speakers and variety of interactive breakout sessions. It will bring the opportunity to learn more on infrastructure, trade and regulations, amongst other topics.

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Virtual activities will run during October 2020 and will include:

  • Infrastructure dialogue: an opportunity for companies to learn about the UK experience on PPP and COVID-19 reactivation linked projects.
  • Business opportunities: to explore the ways of doing business with the UK, export tendencies and regulations in a post-Brexit world.
  • UK prime products: a view of the mainstream imports from the UK to Central America and refreshed inventories of interest to potential buyers.
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The British Embassy will also engage in a political dialogue with the authorities to keep advancing these interests in light of the implementation as from 1 January 2021 of the UK – Central America Association Agreement.

The British Ambassador to Guatemala, Nick Whittingham, said:

The British Business Season is an opportunity to refocus our efforts on the business community by learning the best practices to help rebuild and re-emerge as more resilient and better-equipped to withstand future economic impacts of COVID-19.

To keep abreast of these events and opportunities to join, please follow our social media on:

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Alternatively, register your interest at [email protected]


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