Warren Buffett says Princess Diana told him who she considered ‘the sexiest man alive’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The business tycoon told CNBC about the first time he met the Princess of Wales and described how her confession about a famous politician she found attractive surprised other guests. During the interview, he said his first meeting with the royal at a party was “a total disaster”.

Mr Buffett said: “I was in a room alone one time with Princess Di at a party.

“Somehow we found ourselves in this library and I — in 15 minutes, I don’t think I could take it.

“I had trouble remembering my name, I couldn’t — I couldn’t think of anything to say, and it was a total disaster.”

In their second and last encounter before she tragically passed away, the pair had attended Washington Post publisher Kay Graham’s party.

Both guests were sat across from each other at the dinner table with American businessmen Barry Diller and Teddy Forstmann sitting at either side of the Princess.

Mr Buffett recalled being contacted by media outlets weeks later to ask him what Diana spoke about during the evening ahead of her death.

He added: “I didn’t tell them, but I will tell you today that a comment she made, which was absolutely true, and I can see Barry and Teddy’s faces as she said it.

“She had been at the White House that day and she said that Bill Clinton was the sexiest man alive.”


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