Welsh Secretary holds events to prepare for end of EU Transition


Secretary of State for Wales Simon Hart has held the latest in a series of events to help businesses and people in Wales prepare for the end of the EU Transition period.

The UK has left the European Union and new rules affecting businesses and travel to the EU will apply from 31 December.

The Welsh Secretary joined the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs George Eustice for a live virtual event on Tuesday (1 December) with representatives of Welsh agriculture and food and drink production to discuss impact the changes will have on their sector and how they can prepare for them.

Also this week Mr Hart hosted a webinar on Thursday (3 December), alongside CEO for Chambers Wales Heather Myers and Lynsay Neil from HMRC, where he spoke to more than 100 business representatives about preparations for the end of the Transition period and the support that UK Government can offer.

Secretary of State for Wales Simon Hart said:

The UK government is aware of the challenges businesses face, especially during the pandemic, but it is essential that they prepare for the end of the Transition Period which is happening in less than 30 days.

This is an exciting moment, and one of great opportunity, but there are also significant changes to be made and challenges to be met. The UK Government is here to help and support businesses in Wales and right across the UK navigate their way successfully through this change.

UK Government support includes £705 million in new technology, infrastructure and jobs at the border and there will be £80 million in grants for organisations to recruit and train new customer agents.

New border controls on imports will be introduced in stages to ease the transition.

Further advice is available on the gov.uk/transition page.


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