When lockdown ends new tier system could be in place ‘We’ll review’ | UK | News (Reports)


During the UK Government’s coronavirus press briefing Julie from Walsall asked for clarification regarding the potential future restrictions following the end of the current lockdown period. Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated that the Conservative Cabinet is currently reviewing their approach for the next phase of the pandemic.

Julie asked: “When the current lockdown ends will you revert back to the previous tier system or will that be revamped with a new tier system in place?”

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Mr Hancock replied: “We are looking at this right now and we are looking at the impact that the different tiers had.

“We are also looking at where we found transmission happened.”

Public Health England’s Dr Susan Hopkins also provided an answer to Julie’s questions.

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Dr Hopkins said: “We need to see our death rates fall much lower.”

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She added: “The number of hospitalisations is still twice as high as the peak.

“We will look and monitor these use that to advise the Government on how the tiering should look in the future.”

During the coronavirus press briefing, the BBC’s Political Editor demanded a timeline on when lockdown will be lifted.

“Of course, I understand the yearning for people to get out of this but it’s difficult to put a timeline on it because it’s a matter of monitoring the data.”

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However, the Health Secretary said ministers were holding discussions about what tiers would replace the lockdown once it is lifted.

He told the press briefing: “We are looking at this question right now and we are looking at the impact that the different tiers had, and we’re also looking at where we found transmission happened.

“That is a question that will be driven by the science.”


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