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The Royal Family has homes scattered across the UK, due in part to the duties members have to perform. As representatives of all four home nations, they frequently make trips across country borders, and as such need a place to stay. But some of these function as holiday homes, many of which are equally as stately as the others.

Why does Prince Charles have a castle in Scotland?

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have residences scattered across the UK.

Not every royal has a residence or two, but Prince Charles’ collection of homes rivals those of his mother.

Much like the Queen, he has one primary and several satellite residences in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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The Prince has two residences in Scotland, Birkhall on his mother’s Balmoral estate, and his own holiday home at the Castle of Mey.

Unlike some royals homes, such as Buckingham Palace or Holyrood Place, the royals own both of these Scottish properties independently.

Queen Victoria came into Balmoral during her reign when her husband Prince Albert bought and developed it, and Queen Elizabeth eventually inherited it.

Prince Charles owns the Castle of Mey in a similar capacity.

His grandmother, the Queen Mother, bought the property in 1952 following the death of her husband George VI.

She visited the Caithness property every August and October until she was 101.

Another came out against the Scottish First Minister’s plans, stating they have “isolated” Scotland from the UK.

They sad: “Who died and put Nicola Sturgeon in charge?

“Sounds like power is going to her head and she is isolating Scotland from the rest of the UK.

“Who died and put Nicola Sturgeon in charge? Sounds like power is going to her head and she is isolating Scotland from the rest of the UK.”

As well as inheriting the property, he inherited his grandmother’s green fingers.

Much like her, he spends much of his time on the property working on the gardens.

The Prince recently spoke of how he wants to sustain the Queen Mother’s influence on the land.

Writing the forward for the Castle of Mey’s annual newsletter, he told of the castle’s many features and his journey to continuing the family legacy.

He wrote: “In carrying on her legacy, it is a place that has become equally part of my life – not only for the memories I hold dear of many family visits, but also because the castle, the area and the people of Caithness provide an enduring link with a calm and peaceful retreat.

“As president of the Queen Elizabeth Castle Of Mey Trust, it has always been my principal aim to fulfil my grandmother’s wishes.

“It has been a delicate balance to retain the many qualities at Mey, with which Queen Elizabeth took such a loving interest to create, and to introduce new additions to add further appeal to the many thousands of visitors which the property welcomes on an annual basis.

“Such qualities include the striking simplicity and charm of the castle itself, along with the splendour of the walled garden and policies, to the farming of a world-class pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle and a renowned flock of North Cheviot sheep.”


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