World War 2 news: Dunkirk FURY over insensitive and ‘disrespectful’ tweet – ‘Shameful!’ | UK | News (Reports)


Rebecca Vilkomerson took to Twitter and wrote: “My 14-year-old daughter’s description of the movie Dunkirk: ‘isn’t it just a bunch of white boys waiting for boats?’” But Twitter users have attacked her with many posting pictures of their relatives who fought in the war.

Former Labour MP George Galloway tweeted: “Hope you told her that’s a pretty disrespectful take…”

Another Twitter user said: “My great-grandad fought the rearguard at Dunkirk with the Cameron Highlanders… only 60 out of 600 made it back to the UK.

“You and your daughter ought to probably pay those guys a little more respect…”

Someone else said: “My father was at Dunkirk.

“Yes, he was a white boy waiting for a boat.

“And he was a scared white boy because he was being shelled and strafed as his mates lay dying on the blood-soaked sand.

“You belittle his experience for likes on Twitter.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

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One person said: “If my daughter had said that, I’d be far too ashamed to post that on Twitter.”

Someone else said: “It’s almost as if you’re so proud.

“I’d be so ashamed I wouldn’t tell anyone, let alone Twitter.”

While another Twitter user wrote: “I hope you explained that without those brave men who knows where we would be today.

“Unfortunately I think that it’s the ignorance of that generation, to them it happened so long ago, they basically don’t give a s**t.

“That you felt the need to tweet about it says a lot about you as well.”

Another blamed her parenting saying: “By the age of 14 she should have known what it was about and watched with respect for the people in the boats.

“Very poor parenting.”

Dunkirk was the evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War 2 from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk.

By the end of the eighth day of the evacuation, 338,226 soldiers had been rescued by a fleet of more than 800 vessels.

Troops from the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) who died or were captured and have no known graves are commemorated on the Dunkirk Memorial.


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