6 Benefits You Should be Eating Granola Today

6 Benefits You Should be Eating Granola Today

What is a Granola Bar?

It is a healthy and satiating breakfast snack, which comprises ingredients like puffed rice, spices, oats, muesli, nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, and berries. Anyone of the sweeteners like jaggery, dates, chocolate syrup is poured onto the other loose constituents to mold it into granola bars.


Nutritional facts of Granola Bar

The bar is a rich source of protein and fiber. It nourishes your system with iron, copper, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and Vitamins B and E. 

The nutritional benefits may vary depending on the nature of the ingredients used. Generally, the nut and seed variations are high in protein, and the whole grain one is rich in fiber.


Granola bar from the Lark Ellen Farm has the following benefits,

Decreases Cholesterol

The soluble fiber present in the nutrient-rich bar minimizes the hazardous cholesterol that affects your arteries and heart health. The LDL cholesterol leads to the increased production of plaque and fatty lipids in the heart. The culprit pumps up blood pressure and cholesterol and makes an entry into your bloodstream via Trans fats and oils. The nutrient-packed bar keeps a check on the LDL and which makes your heart stay healthy.

Fights Anemia

Anemias a condition when the body lacks iron in the RBCs. It causes weariness, low-levels of energy, chest pain, dizziness, and much more. The iron-rich granola bar nourishes the body with the essential nutrients. It helps you to fight chronic headaches, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Provides Energy

The bar comprises of healthy sugars that supply your body with energy without any slack. The low-sugar and low-calorie variation of Lark Ellen Farm helps you to keep moving-on throughout the day without bothering weight gain. An increase in sugar consumption activates your body’s hyperglycemic index, which maximizes the chances of heart-related diseases and diabetes.

Aids Weight Loss

Fitness fanatics hail granola bar as an ideal pick-me-up snack option that is nutrient-dense and is available in convenient packaging too. The bar is low in sodium content, which satiates your appetite and helps to stay full for longer. The process results in a low-calorie intake. Granola bars help fight with Sodium and cholesterol that cause obesity.

Loaded with Protein and Fiber

The Lark Ellen Farm granola bar is an incredible source of protein and soluble fiber that keeps a check on your hunger and also helps to build and strengthen your body muscles. The fiber aids to cleanse your digestive systems and boosts metabolism. It supports your body to defeat constipation and heartburn.

Vital Source of Vitamin E

Consume almonds, peanuts, soybeans, green leafy vegetables, and granola bars to derive your body with Vitamin E. The vitamin provides you with supple, soft, silky, dazzling hair and skin and is a barrier to sunburn. The Lark Ellen Farm granola bar provides you with the daily dose of Vitamin E.


The above-curated information narrates the health benefits of Granola bars. You can choose from the Vanilla Cinnamon, Pumpkin Fig, Lemon Blueberry, Cacao Cherry, Maple Raisin, and Berrylicious options available online. The Lark Ellen Farm bars are organic, vegan, and paleo diet-friendly. Eat and stay healthy.


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