8 Common Mistakes New Drivers In The UK Make


Every driver makes mistakes. But as what driving lesson companies Yardley can testify to, certain mistakes distinguish new drivers from experienced ones. Here are eight of the most common errors novice drivers make:

Getting distracted while driving. One of the most common words you’ll hear when taking driving lessons Yardley is “focus” — because concentration is something you should always take with you whenever you’re on the road. However, many newly licensed drivers make the mistake of getting distracted — by cell phones, navigating infotainment systems, and more.

Not exercising caution. While finally getting a driver’s license can give you a boost, you should not forget the fundamental rules of the road. Always exercise caution — because even the most veteran among drivers can still encounter issues once they drive hastily and recklessly.

Using the wrong car. As you are still inexperienced on the road, it’s best to drive only the car you’re comfortable to use. When buying your first car, make sure to choose something that can help you exercise proper driving. Do you find it easy to reach and step on the brake? Is it convenient for you to adjust seats and mirrors? Can you handle the steering wheel comfortably?

Wearing incorrect footwear. Driving the right car is one thing. Driving in the right attire is another. Apart from wearing comfortable clothes — those that will allow you to move flexibly — you should also pay particular attention to your footwear. Did you know that when you’re caught driving dangerously and you’re wearing slippers, you can be fined up to £5,000?

Lacking situational awareness. When you enroll at one of the most trusted lesson companies Yardley, you’ll be immersed in different situations that can help enhance your awareness. Don’t take these lessons for granted so you can utilise them while you’re actually on the road with other drivers and pedestrians.

Following too closely. When you’re a new driver, you’ll probably find it challenging to master the dimensions of your car. This may cause you to follow other drivers and motorists too closely. Along this line, you should also learn how to “negotiate” with other road users to prevent or minimise accidents.

Driving despite being tired. Feeling exhausted? Sleep it off first before driving. Fatigue and lack of experience on the road make for the perfect recipe for disaster.

Not knowing the route. New drivers should make an effort to know the route toward the destination they’re headed for. If you don’t plan, especially when you’re driving to an unfamiliar location, the element of surprise may cause you to be taken aback by the situation and drive poorly.

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