8 Questions To Ask A Gallery If You Want To Purchase An Artwork


8 Questions To Ask A Gallery If You Want To Purchase An Artwork

PoliticMag Press Release : November 21, 2020

Art evokes different emotions. When you view a certain piece, there’s a profound feeling of relatability that can be felt. And it’s one of the reasons why there are people who buy and collect original fine art for sale.

If it’s your first time investing in artwork, here are eight questions you need to ask a gallery.

How do I choose an artwork to buy? Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of original fine art for sale you can choose from. If you’re venturing into art collection, you have to be clear the style, subject, and theme you want. If there’s a particular artist you’ve been following, it’s great to start off by buying his or her artwork. Also consider in which room you’re going to display the piece.

What’s the story behind the painting? Though artworks are open to interpretation, knowing the real story behind a certain piece can make it more endearing and relatable to you.

What is the artist’s background? When looking for original fine art sale, it’s also noteworthy to know the story of the artist responsible for the painting — Where were his or her works exhibited? What or who influenced his or her style? Knowing such details can forge stronger connections between you and the artwork.

Do you have a price list available? Whenever the price is not readily available at an exhibit or on the website, you should personally enquire it. The price of an artwork is generally dictated by the name and reputation of the artist (meaning, the more renowned the artist is, the pricier the work will be). It’s also best to avoid enquiring discounts. Such privilege is often given to regular buyers or to those who are buying several artworks.

What is the mode of payment? To make art more accessible, many galleries are offering installation payment options for their customers. Different financial packages are also available to help art enthusiasts collect the artworks that best resonate with their feelings.

Can I still return an artwork after purchasing it? Generally speaking, refunds are not a thing in the art market. So make sure to think carefully before purchasing an artwork.

How do I install the artwork? Especially if it’s your first time purchasing an art piece, it could really be a challenge transporting and putting up the artwork. Fortunately, most galleries offer installation services to their clients.

How can I properly take care of the artwork? With proper care, artworks can last a lifetime. Be sure to ask the gallery maintenance tips, but as for general care, experts advise to keep them out of direct sunlight. Dusting it periodically will also help keep its tiptop condition.

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