“A Touch of the African Sun” by P. H. Newall is published

“A Touch of the African Sun” by P. H. Newall is published

“A Touch of the African Sun” by P. H. Newall is published

PoliticMag Press Release : November 06, 2020

  ISBN #979-8553307660

“A Touch of the African Sun” by P. H. Newall is published


the Book:                           

This saga is led by that complex character von Tabis, a psychopath, whose monumental ego, and fantasies of power and grandeur, were given fortuitous reign by his unexpected transfer to tranquil Tanganyika (Tanzania) just before World War II.His South African co-conspirators who fell under the spell of von Tabis, illustrate how his charismatic and compelling personality stimulated their latent dreams and ambitions.A colourful diversity of characters adds atmosphere and mystery that is unique to Africa.Despite a remarkable degree of success towards his madcap schemes, von Tabis, blinded by reality, stumbles inexorably towards his ultimate destiny.

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Excerpt from the book:

“The gaunt, pasty sweating body lay quietly in the vast bed. Georgio was alarmed and took the weakening pulse. He realised that nothing short of a miracle could save Jeremy now. The sheets were sodden, but Jeremy’s lips were dry and cracked. Georgio tried lifting his head and helping him to some water, but his lips barely moved. Then suddenly he opened his eyes and gave Georgio a happy smile before again shutting them. He gave a heavy sigh and left this world to join his beloved Cynthia.

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Karumba was stunned. He stood there silently, but huge tears coursed down his shiny black cheeks. Georgio lifted the sheet and pulled it over the dead man’s face.

“Where is Straker?” he demanded.

“I will fetch him, bwana,” said Karumba.

 He hurried from the room and across the yard to the manager’s house. He banged on the door, and Straker came bleary eyed to open it, his pyjamas hanging obscenely open in front as he fumbled with a threadbare dressing gown.

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“What the bloody ‘ell are you doing waking me at this time of night, eh?”

“It’s Bwana Forbes,” said Karumba tearfully. “He is dead, bwana.”



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