Allegiant Global Announces $1M Grant to Boost SMB Enterprises Globally

Allegiant Global Announces $1M Grant to Boost SMB Enterprises Globally

Allegiant Global Announces $1M Grant to Boost SMB Enterprises Globally

PoliticMag Press Release : November 17, 2020

COVID19 has infected people in 188 countries and affected economies globally. Its spread has left businesses around the world counting costs and wondering what recovery could look like. As business activities slow, companies are seeing lower revenue resulting in less cash flow.

It has also led to business disruptions as many businesses have reduced output of facilities or suspended operations in affected regions. Companies most affected are ones that completely relied on in-house solutions and lacked Multi-location business continuity planning and disaster recovery.

The same is true for outsourcing service arrangements, wherein clients find themselves under unique pressure and in unchartered circumstances testing the parameters and strengths of their solutions and business continuity plans.

Allegiant Global has announced a $1M Grant to address a variety of issues to help SMB enterprises get back on their feet. This grant will enable companies to optimize their cost and kick start their business operations again.

Allegiant Global believes in uniting enterprises & institutions globally and giving back to the community – creating impact in the IT/Non-IT sphere where reducing cost and incorporating BPO functions can help the community. Allegiant Global is also offering a variety of technology/non-technology grants to companies and institutions committed to providing their constituents with exceptional tools for professional and personal success.


Who is eligible for the grant?

If a business wants to apply for the grant, then they must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Operating business locally in US/UK/Canada.
  • The private organization/enterprise/ business must come under the SMB category.
  • Accredited Higher Education institutions and K-12 schools are eligible to apply as well.
  • Applicants are required to demonstrate institutional/organizational purpose in the form of a “letter of intent” signed by members of the leadership team. The letter should indicate the challenges the solution aims to solve and why the grant would be helpful to the institution/organization.



Last date to apply for the grant

The program is open for applications starting November 19, 2020, till December 15, 2020.



What’s included in the grant?

  1. Free Consultation Services for 60 days
  2. 40-60% cost reduction
  3. Free Cloud Backup (up to 100GB/month) for 60 days
  4. Free IT Helpdesk services (up to 10 hours/month) for 60 days
  5. Dedicated business success manager at 0 cost
  6. Free website maintenance for 60 days
  7. Free website vulnerability assessment and report
  8. One-time Free Business Analysis and Recommendation
  9. One-time Free Task and Report Automation services
  10. Free reporting and MIS services for 30 days
  11. Free hosting services (up to 2GB) for 60 days
  12. Free Digital Marketing Roadmap


Why has Allegiant Global launched this grant?

Allegiant Global has launched a $1 million grant to support small businesses in the sectors that have been worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, so these businesses can survive, and people can continue to work. The fund is ideally, part of the Allegiant Global Grant Program which aims to support both businesses and workers through the harsh effects of the pandemic.


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