Amazing Water Park Of Kanpur Invites Tourists Of All Ages To Spend Fun Time!

Amazing Water Park Of Kanpur Invites Tourists Of All Ages To Spend Fun Time!

Amazing Water Park Of Kanpur Invites Tourists Of All Ages To Spend Fun Time!

PoliticMag Press Release : October 04, 2020



Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is famous all over the world, as a first-class Tourist Destination. There are many Tourist Attractions all over this big city. Using the abundance of Tourist Flow into Kanpur every year, many amusement facilities have been provided. Notable among them is “Kanpur water park and blue world kanpur” by its countless facilities to woo the Tourists of all ages, including kids from 3 years of age. The announcement made today by overwhelmingly kindles the enthusiasm of Vacation Tourists, by its narration of the noteworthy arrangements available here.

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Especially during summer, when the Sun is scorching at Kanpur, the announcement indicates that this huge Water Park will be an impeccable rendezvous for those, who wish to while away their time with cool water plays and sports, unforgettable in their lifetime.

Since the facilities available are numerous, the announcement only hints the names of amusement facilities for the Tourists, to find out in elaboration by visiting their site. Spread over 25 acres of expansive land, the Kanpur Water Park and Blue World consist of more than 30 energizing rides – Dry Ride; Water Fun; 9D Theatre, Dinosaur Villa as well as the biggest musical fountain in India.

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Ropeway Track; Themes Park of many countries including India; Fairy Land Water World; Theme Zones; Restaurant; Kiosks; Pools, Family Rides Carousels,  Planetarium, and a lot more are also available. For exclusively amusing the kids, there is a separate Kids Zone filled with loads of fun rides, pools, Flying Chopper, Jingle Bells and Umbrella Ride, etc.

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The announcement invites one and all to visit to know more and fullest details.


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