Author Patricia M. Muhammad releases debut novel, ‘Love Captured’

Author Patricia M. Muhammad releases debut novel, ‘Love Captured’

Author Patricia M. Muhammad releases debut novel, ‘Love Captured’

PoliticMag Press Release : January 05, 2021

     Author Patricia M. Muhammad announces the release of her debut historical romance novel, ‘Love Captured.’   

     It is the 18th century. Emmeline’s mother dies after leaving her a clue her possible future based on her biracial heritage. Emmeline abandons the wealthy estate in North Carolina. She stows away on a cargo brig set for England. A seaman, William escorts her to the shantytown of 18th century Liverpool. A rebellious aristocrat ventures to the unsavory neighborhood. He attempts to befriend her. She initially refuses. Emmeline seeks assistance from a benevolent society. After initial reluctance, Emmeline courts the marquis who eventually announces their engagement. His mother plots with Lady Edna to be rid of Emmeline. Emmeline still attempts to reveal the secret of her heritage while the marquis still seeks her hand in marriage. 

Patricia’s debut historical romance available now!

               (currently on sale for $2.99)

Title:             Love Captured

Author:         Patricia M. Muhammad

Genre:          Historical fiction, Romance

Type:            ebook

Price:            $8.99 USD

Availability: Amazon ASIN:  B08KB34F57      

                      Barnes & Noble: 2940164274597

                      Smashwords:  9781005676650      

                      Tolio Media:  9783752117707       

                      Thalia EAN:  9783752117707       

                      Kobo ISBN: 1230004259497         

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