Be-Roll News Launches Unique, Weekly Newsletter Focused on Uplifting Current Events


Be-Roll News Launches Unique, Weekly Newsletter Focused on Uplifting Current Events

PoliticMag Press Release : December 22, 2020

Be-Roll News shines a light on the often overlooked, inspiring stories, people, and brands that are helping to change the world. 


NEW YORK, NY – In the midst of an unprecedented and tumultuous year, Be-Roll News launched a weekly email newsletter that brings attention to the inspirational side of news. Between a global pandemic, natural disasters, political unrest, and racial reckoning, the news cycle this year has been dominated by disheartening headlines. Although these stories are important in keeping us informed, it’s also important to remember the compelling, human side of news that sparks motivation in all of us. Be-Roll News focuses solely on those stories— ones that put a smile on your face and remind you of the good things in the world in a time when everything seems so dismal. 


In news production, b-roll is video footage that is used as an interlude to the “real” story. The organization’s founder, Lili Gurry, found that the positive attributes of news were being treated as b-roll— overlooked and ignored— and decided it was the perfect time to bring positivity and originality back into news. Be-Roll’s newsletter forges inspiration from the comfort of your inbox every Monday morning.


The email highlights four enthralling, unique news stories from around the world, features an interview with an individual in a social impact career who is working to make the world a better place, and spotlights a philanthropic brand. With a distinctive voice and captivating graphics, Be-Roll’s newsletter is a breath of fresh air from traditional news. 


Previous stories have focused on humanitarian endeavors, environmental conservation efforts, and powerful stories of human perseverance, all spruced with some adorable animal content. Recently, Be-Roll published segments on a solar farm in Yemen that empowers women, a coral reef discovery in Australia, and a Kentucky town that elected a french bulldog as their mayor. Interviews have featured prominent individuals including Maggie Hureau, the Head of Social Impact at Harry’s, Jeff Marks, the Senior Policy Advocate at the Acadia Center, and Daniel Lavelle, the Director of Survival International. 


Launched in the fall of 2020, Be-Roll’s goal is to spread positivity to all corners of the world. Be-Roll News’ founder and editor in chief, Lili Gurry, is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and avid news consumer. As a journalist, she wanted to focus her writing on uplifting others and bringing attention to the stories, people, and brands that deserve it most. 


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