Book Wild Bunch: The Dimensions of a Brownsville Millionaire Who Gave It All To the Streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn


Book Wild Bunch: The Dimensions of a Brownsville Millionaire Who Gave It All To the Streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn

PoliticMag Press Release : September 04, 2020

New York, NY, Sep 4, 2020 — Book Wild Bunch: The Dimensions of a Brownsville Millionaire is written Donny Smallwood, the drug tycoon who gave it all to the streets of Brownsville Brooklyn. Through his empire he gave back to the community from which he came. “A bad for the greater good; gives us a glimpse Donny Smallwood’s life and how he impacted on the community of Brownsville. The book has received multiple five star reviews on

Amazon Review – Five Stars ***** This book is awesome. It’s an amazing ride through a drug tycoon’s personal life. Donny Smallwood Jr. shares with the world a different perspective of his father which most people don’t know. The book is a very interesting book. I’m glad; I purchased me a copy.

Amazon Review – Five Stars ***** Dope book!!! Donny Smallwood is a true Brooklyn legend.

Amazon Review – Five Stars ***** Great insight into the early life of one of Brooklyn’s tycoons, the author allows readers to see what Donny Smallwood life was before becoming a millionaire which most like to jump right into the what we view as the exciting time of a kingpins life, but the author understands one must first know where one has been in order to fully understand and appreciate who they have become, and that’s exactly what the author was successfully able to accomplish. I cannot wait for volume 2 and the other projects to come on the man known as Big Donny.

Amazon Review – Five Stars ***** Donny Jr’s reporting in this book is a true eye-opener from the first page to the last. He offers us an inside look on a portrait of his father that the public never knew. A life separate from the one reported by The NY Times, “Breaking the Crack Murders”. This book chronicles his father’s life as a young man searching for a path out of poverty and by luck, is drawn into the “life”. He gives details as to how his father made it to the top and how his street life took on a whole new meaning. “A bad for the greater good”

the Author:
Donny Smallwood, Jr. – Donny Smallwood, Jr. was raised in New York City and attended South Shore High School and Jefferson High School. He also attended Marist College and majored in Business Administration. He currently works at NYC Hospital and he is making a difference in the lives of other through his current work. Donny tells the story of his father’s life during the 1988 Crack Era. He reflects on his father’s life in a personal manner and tells how the community viewed his father’s life. He father was known to help the community in various ways such as paying a student’s tuition or paying a person’s rent, and providing meals for those in need through is generosity. Donny also speaks of his love for his father and the lesson he learned during his early years. His talks to youth directly in this book telling youth Don’t Wait for Your Dreams, and Don’t Climb Through That Window meaning don’t get involved in a life of crime. His other resounding message to youth is selling drugs is fast money, and money earned that ways goes fast, and the end result is never good!

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