DataListsGroup Aims to Spur Change Across US Market by Releasing Hospital Email Lists


DataListsGroup Aims to Spur Change Across US Market by Releasing Hospital Email Lists

PoliticMag Press Release : January 08, 2021

DataListsGroup announced the release of Hospital Email Lists across the global market. Their vision is to provide necessary resources during the difficult times of Covid-19 to the healthcare industry with a comprehensive mailing list. The Hospital Database continues to be the industry’s trusted source for physicians’ information to reach over 2.6M+ key professionals at their preferred email and direct mail address.

Implementation of the new mailing list aims to increase the promotion and lead generation campaigns across global markets for all healthcare marketers.

Healthcare business marketers need a platform that can handle real-time changes based on customer demands. Outdated mailing lists can become a risk to the business, and the evolving healthcare industry has made it even more challenging.

DataListsGroup’s new release of mailing list provides a platform for all healthcare marketers looking for accurate email lists. The release further powers the high-growth of their business with a higher level of automation and business intelligence.

The features of the new mailing list include the email addresses of the chief medical officer(CMO), chief clinical officer(CCO), directors, managers, administrators, and other decision making personnel in various healthcare sectors such as hospitals, health clinics, doctors offices, dental clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, and medical centers.

The Hospital Mailing List from DataListsGroup incorporates customized email addresses of hospital email lists, medical professionals’ email lists, pharmacy email and mailing lists, dental hospital mailing lists, clinics email, and mailing lists.

Juan Fredrick, a chief marketing manager from a leading healthcare company, said, “DataListsGroup helped us change the game. Their lead generation platform allowed us to extend our market and business quickly. We are thrilled and honored to partner with DataListsGroup, which is perfect for buying mailing lists. They also help envision the growth of our company across the US market”.

The ultimate goal of DataListsGroup is to supply the healthcare industry with a wide range of marketing services to help them target top decision-makers across global markets.


DataListsGroup is a leading data provider across global markets. They have released and several updated mailing lists from different business sectors and industries that include healthcare, finance, real estate, education, food, retail, etc. The company works closely with data mining teams and business partners to provide premium quality mailing lists to B2B marketers to reach key business professionals across all industries. The headquarters of the company is in Houston, Texas, United States.

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