Fresh produce wholesalers excited by waste reduction

Fresh produce wholesalers excited by waste reduction

Fresh produce wholesalers excited by waste reduction

PoliticMag Press Release : January 05, 2021

Food and fresh produce wholesalers reduce food & fresh produce waste using the new Producepak PRO app designed specifically for food & fresh produce wholesale, import/export.

Using smart inventory monitoring tools, sellers of food & fresh produce can ensure perishable inventory is being managed to minimize any potential waste and maximize resale profitability.  Business wide stock-takes allow users to track shrinkage, damage, or expiry of inventory, and report to management; management has a shrinkage approval process where only discrepancies are highlighted and approved by inventory managers.

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“A reduction of food waste of up to 78% from expiry, and 90% from unaccounted shrinkage can be achieved with Producepak” according to Melanie Rogers, solution consultant for Producepak.  

Ms. Rogers continues “Food & fresh produce inventory is managed using the FIFO (first in first out) principle.  This ensures the oldest inventory is sold first.  FIFO is enforced when teams are selecting inputs for batches (such as raw materials, ingredients used in food manufacturing, packaging, or fresh produce).” 

FIFO best practices are also used during the order picking process, by guiding users to select the correct inventory for each order item and warning them if they attempt to assign incorrect inventory to orders.

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Ms. Rogers suggest that fresh produce & food businesses should ensure critical control points in their business are managed using an app like Producepak to ensure minimum waste, and the continued enforcement of food safety and traceability.   These critical control points include:

  • Capture traceability & quality control information immediately upon delivery of food & fresh produce
  • Accurate tracking of batch / packing inputs to allow recalls both up and down the supply chain
  • Rapid stock-take
  • Post pack/manufacture quality control
  • Enforcement of FIFO (first in first out inventory control)
  • Meticulous record keeping that matches all inventory sold to a specific customer ensuring easy recalls if initiated from “up” supply chain
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Producepak PRO manages all of these critical control points for food & fresh produce to maximize food safety and reduce waste in the food packing, food manufacturing, and fresh produce processing space.

The Producepak company provides business management solutions designed exclusively for food, food manufacturing, and fresh produce processing, wholesale, and import/export industry.   Visit for a free trial account (no card needed).


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