Gratifi Leaps ahead in HR Digital Transformation for Remote Work; Launches Gratifi 2.0

Gratifi Leaps ahead in HR Digital Transformation for Remote Work; Launches Gratifi 2.0

Gratifi Leaps ahead in HR Digital Transformation for Remote Work; Launches Gratifi 2.0

PoliticMag Press Release : October 10, 2020

October 7, 2020

Pune, India

Giftease Technologies launched an exciting new version of its employee engagement software, Gratifi 2.0, which aims to digitize the human touch for a remote workplace. The new platform comes with features like virtual engagement events, hyper-personalized employee recognition and a 365 performance assessment tool, in addition to an appealing, all new UI. Gratifi 2.0 was built in response to customer feedback as well as inputs from leading HR industry veterans, keeping in mind the organizational requirements of a post-pandemic world. Moreover, Gratifi’s in-house R&D team spent months curating specific features based on a set of robust behavioral economic principles that implicitly boost employee motivation and favorable actions in the workplace.

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Tapas Lenka, CEO of Giftease Technologies, commented on the product launch- “Employee connect and R&R needs to be scalable yet personalized to be effective. The digital revolution in HR has been long overdue and with a new remote workforce, it has transformed from a choice to an essential need. We have created a unified, comprehensive solution for total rewards and engagement that amplifies HR capabilities significantly, while saving time and costs.”

The benefits of implementing Gratifi 2.0 include superior engagement, increased employee motivation and a stronger employer brand, leading to a boost in financial performance. Misha Nathani, CMO, Gratifi, explains- “Even as employees adjust to the new realities of the workplace, many continue to battle with mental health issues stemming from isolation, fear and insecurity. Organizations must step up their collaboration and engagement efforts while digitizing benefits to make employees feel heard, appreciated and valued, especially at a time like this, when they need it the most.”

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Gratifi 2.0 is supported by a multitude of pre-existing features like pulse surveys, award nominations, leaderboards and company walls. With a keen focus on action dashboards, automation and data analytics, Gratifi is focused on delivering continuous insights of value to HR teams. A special differentiator for the platform is the DIY gifting and reward portal which offers real-time tracking and last-mile delivery delight of digital vouchers and physical gifts to employees’ homes.

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Gratifi is a revolutionary SaaS platform which helps organizations digitally engage their people for success and an increased sense of belonging. Launched in 2017, it has helped India’s leading enterprises structure their total rewards programs and create a culture of appreciation in the firm.

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